At the “Center” of Inspirational Leadership

1. Get grounded.

The foundation of being centered is being physically grounded. Be sure you have your house in order, so to speak: get sleep, eat healthy, exercise, and ensure you are connected to your physical well-being. This allows you to feel grounded.

2. Know what you stand for.

The next step is to create an emotional centeredness that is based in knowing what you stand for and value. Your actions, behaviors, and decisions will be centered around this value set, and people will begin to see a consistency in how you show up.

3. Seek feedback.

You can only truly know if you are an inspirational leader by getting some feedback. Embrace your vulnerability and start by asking 5 people at different levels of your organization the following questions:

  • What could I do to improve my inspirational leadership skills? What do you want to see more of from me?
  • Please provide examples of when I was inspiring and when I was not.
  • Who could I emulate to become a more inspirational leader?

4. Find your own inspiration.

In order to be inspirational, you must be inspired. Who inspires you? Why? What activities inspire you? Can you make time to emulate those qualities and engage in those activities? Build your inspirational energy and watch it ripple out to others.

Photo by Winky Lewis



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