Drop Your Ego & Discover Your Purpose

How to Drop Your Ego to Discover Your Purpose:

1. Acknowledge your ego.

How do you measure your success in life? How attached do you feel to the roles you play and the titles you hold? How much judgement do you project onto yourself and others?

2. Dissolve your ego.

When you drop judgement and disconnect from labels, titles, status, achievements, what is left? Who are you when you strip that all away? What do you care about? What do you believe in?

3. Remove the shackles of “shoulds”.

When you release the pressure of what others want from you or what you think you should do, what emerges?

4. Commit to a set of clear values.

These will serve as signposts for where to invest your energy as you navigate life and move towards a purposeful existence. What are the values that you will uphold with unwavering commitment? Choose three, write them down and remind yourself: “This is what I stand for!”

5. Now, create your WHY (purpose) statement.

Simon Sinek’s instructions are second to none for this. So, I won’t reinvent the wheel (thanks, Simon).

  • Its focus should be on how you’ll contribute to others.
  • Use affirmative language that resonates with you.
  • Possible script: My Purpose or Why is “TO ____ SO THAT ____.”
  • To help: WHY did you get out of bed this morning? And WHY should anyone care?



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