How Gratitude Can Change Your Life

4 Steps to Practice Deep Gratitude:

  1. Wake Up: Open your eyes to the abundance around you. Consider an area in your professional life and your personal life where you have abundance. Where does your cup feel like it’s overflowing? Where do you have more than enough? It could be a skill, time, talent, or resources that you have.
  2. Reflect: What can you do with that overflow to engage someone else who doesn’t have what you do? How can you infuse some of this abundance into their life? How can you share, help, and give?
    * Keep in mind that you don’t have to do this for everyone. In fact, it’s important to set boundaries around what you give and commit to others. Do not give away so much that you become depleted yourself. Choose a few people or places or organizations where you can share.
  3. Identify: Where do you feel like your cup is not full? Where are you feeling depleted or lacking? Who in your life has more of that than you do? Getting ahead of the areas where you feel depleted is key to sustaining your gratitude practice. Otherwise, these areas sneak up on us and cause toxic feelings of bitterness, blame, resentment, and victim mentality. Rather than feeling ashamed, accept your human feelings of wanting more.
  4. Ask for Support: Take ownership of your life. Request inspiration from people who are overflowing in the area where your cup is not full. Rather than viewing them with jealousy or envy, ask for support. How can you get what you need and ask for more? Engage with the hard conversations, whether it’s asking your boss for the support you need to succeed or communicating with your partner about your unfulfilled needs.



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